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Mahootus offer hand-crafted traditional style hot-tubs suitable for today's lifestyles, be it town or country, apartment or bach.  As good to look at as they are to soak in, our hot-tubs offer everyday usability and practicality with the benefit of no expensive chemicals or running costs.  Simply fill the tub via your garden hose, get the temperature to your desired heat via the dual-fuel burner, then relax with a soothing soak.
Mahootus hot-tubs - a simply more stylish alternative



Contemporary style, meets hand-crafted tradition
Mahootus hot-tubs are hand-made in the age-old coopering style.  Constructed from western red cedar, the timber used in traditional soaking tubs, they offer a rich warm appearance that is complemented by contemporary brushed stainless steel hardware.


No electricity, no plumbing
The patented dual-fuel burner heats the water to your required temperature by either wood or the slot-in LPG element (the same burner can use either fuel).  That's all the power you need as there are no moving parts or pumps.


No chemicals
No chemicals are required.  Fill the tub with fresh or sea water, use it several times, then when you are finished with that batch of water, simply "pull the plug" to empty the tub.  Drain onto the garden, into the stormwater system, sea, lake or wherever is convenient.


  Constructed using western red cedar with stainless steel hardware.

  Powered by patented dual-fuel burner heating system (LPG or wood).


4 Person Tub
815 mm (height) * 1530 mm (diameter) * 650 mm (depth)

900 liters volume
45 minutes fill time*
1½ hours heating time**

2 Person Tub
815 mm (height) * 1400 mm (length) * 1160 mm (width) * 650 mm (depth)

600 liters volume
30 minutes fill time*
1 hour heating time**

* approx. time using standard garden hose on town water pressure
** approx. heating time to 38 ºC using LPG


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