About Adrian Harris Woodcraft

Adrian and Mark learnt their craft in the UK before moving to New Zealand in 1990s, where Adrian worked making and restoring furniture and Mark designed bespoke modern Tudor-style timber framed buildings. Also Adrian spent 2 years fitting out luxury state-of-the-art catamarans. The extra skills with modern materials, large oak beams and boat building methods increased their repertoire and allowed them to come up with innovative ways to complete even the most challenging pieces of furniture and joinery.

Adrian started working for himself in 1997 and has since built up a substantial workshop with high quality machinery, producing custom made furniture and other timber-based products to producing timber windows and wooden doors. Mark began working with Adrian over 10 years ago and they have since joined forces.

Driving on combined 60 years of experience in the wood working industry, owners Mark and Adrian apply the skills drawn from experience in furniture, boat fitter, luxury cedar hot tubs to craft high end bespoke exterior timber joinery for windows and doors.
Mahootus Hot Tubs are also manufactured by Adrian and Mark, a tub concept that requires no electricity, chemicals or plumbing.

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Master Joiner

Adrian Harris in front of a window frame made to fit in a chimney space after the Christchurch earthquakes. The frames match another existing window in this 1930's two storied Fendalton home.

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